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Ajmal Al Qasaid
• SHEIKH SA'DULLAH KHAN became a Hafiz at the age of eight, he obtained a BA(Law) degree from the Univ of Durban Westville (South Africa), he then completed a Diploma in Journalism through Transworld College (UK). He went on to do higher studies in the Methodology of Islamic Propagation in Cairo in addition to completing a course in Arabic studies at the International Language Institute. While in Egypt he also completed a specialised study of the seven Qira'at at Jam'iyyah Ahlul Qur'an Bil-Azhar. He is currently director of Masjid-ul-Quds Islamic Centre, the head of the Qur'anic Sciences Department at the Islamic College of Southern Africa (ICOSA), editor of the longest established Muslim newspaper, "Muslim Views" and a popular presenter of Qur'anic programmes on Radio 786 and Voice of the Cape. • RABI'AH SAYED is a nine year old student of Sheikh Sa'dullah at ICOSA. She is also a regular reciter on Radio 786 in the Western Cape (South Africa). Tracks: 1. Qiraah (Duet) - Surah Al-Ghashiyah 2. Qiraah (Duet) - Surah Al-Ikhlas 3. La Ilaha Illa Allah 4. Tala'al Badru (Duet) 5. As Salatu Was Salamu 'Alayk (Duet) 6. Qasidah Burdah (Duet) 7. Tala'al Badru 8. Balaghal 'Ulaa (Duet) 9. Khayrul Wara (Duet) 10. Ka'batul Ka'bah 11. As Salatu Was Salaam (Duet) 12. Ashraqal (Duet)

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